Paperback to E-Book

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Discover the secrets of e-book preparation without having to be a coding expert.

What if you could turn your word processor document into a nicely formatted e-book without having to learn the intricacies of CSS stylesheets ?

What if you could save anywhere from $50 to more than $200 by producing your own e-book without having an expert apply all the changes you would like?

Philip Jackson has prepared e-books for publication for many authors. He tells the story of converting his own first print-book into e-book formats with details of the mistakes he made as he learned so that you will avoid them. Although you do not need to be an expert in html coding, some examples are provided which can be copied into the editor to avoid some common display problems.

In this guide you'll learn :

  • How to prepare your word processor document to eliminate unwanted formatting
  • What the main e-book formats are and who uses which
  • How to save time by converting first to EPUB
  • Which free tools to use, saving even more expense
  • What changes to make to avoid display problems with MOBI files
  • Overcome MOBI file difficulties with the logical table of contents
  • How to create your Kindle account and upload your e-book to KDP
  • How to create your account and upload your e-book to Draft2Digital
  • How to use the bonus template to simplify work on your novel
  • The best way to convert your MS Word document to e-book format to avoid coding problems
  • Bonus: Discussion on pro's and con's of embedding fonts - risks to avoid
  • Bonus: Results of testing different workflows on Word documents in Windows 10

Buy this book now to increase your productivity, and profit, by cutting out the expensive middleman.

A free template is available for download and is especially useful for books with a simpler structure such as a novel. This will help simplify the task of formatting for eBooks. Its use is fully described in the book. This template has been tested in LibreOffice, Word and OpenOffice.

I have also prepared a short paper on the use of DropCaps. So many authors have said they have trouble in getting this right in e-books so I thought it would be useful to prepare a short cheat sheet to help out. This too is available to readers of the book for free download.

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