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The Circle Of Fifths

"The Circle of Fifths - visual tools for musicians" presents a new way for all players to learn their music theory in a fresh manner that has previously been neglected by so many teachers. It will be of value to practical musicians at all levels and particularly useful to improvisers and jazz players at the beginning and early stages of improvisation. Think of all those occasions when you tried to recall some aspect of musical theory on the fly to use it without interrupting your flow. You will find it so much easier when using these proven techniques.

ISBN : 979-10-95580-00-3, Paper back 106 pages, first edition

The Circle Of Fifths - digital versions

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Fiction Titles

Jane Sinclair

The Heroic Earl's Reward

"The Heroic Earl's Reward" Eleanor Harcourt has a specialised nursing ability. When Lieutenant Matthew Marsden returns grievously wounded from the Napoleon wars, she was sent by the hospital to nurse him back into as normal a life as could be possible. He was not the first wounded man she had had to treat but this time was special. The patient is the Earl of Faversham, a wealthy benefactor of the hospital. Eleanor realises that she is falling in love with the Earl but cannot let him know because he is already engaged to Lady Alice. The Earl desperately wants to recover for his wedding to Lady Alice but she has other ideas and Eleanor has to tread very carefully . . .

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The Adventurous Earl's Bride

"The Adventurous Earl's Bride" Ellen Siron was just a young woman. After enemies destroy the family's income with rumours about their past, they are turned out of their home by their landlord. Ellen is determined to help feed them all. Lord Kinloss, old friend of her father's, returns from his travels and offers to help the family. He also takes a liking to Ellen. Will her pride allow her to accept the older man, or will he leave again abandoning them to their fate ?

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The Marquess Claims His Bride

"The Marquess Claims His Bride" Sophia Harding was a well brought up young lady, a little bored and with no great expectations for herself. After the death of the old Marquess, she is suddenly faced with the prospect of marriage to his presumed heir, Cornelius Beaumont, a man detested by her father.
Jonathan Beaumont was a young city dweller in the United States who knew little of his family background. After he arrived in England to claim his estate, Sophia had to teach him the customs of a gentleman and unadmitted feelings began to develop between them.
Jonathan found himself in conflict with his cousin who didn't want to lose Sophia as well as the estate. Sophia felt powerless to refuse Cornelius' proposal. Her father and Jonathan will need all their luck to turn this situation around. Can they succeed against Cornelius?

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